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Mass Effect 3: 'Intermission'

Title: Intermission
Characters/Pairing: Garrus & FemShep with implied FemShep/Thane
Wordcount: 587
Rating: T
Summary: BFF Garrus fic directly following the Cerberus Citadel Coup attempt.
Warnings: drunkenness and angst.
A/N: Thought I'd throw this up before I leave town. It's been sitting on my computer for a week, and I've no idea what my headspace will be like when I get back. Bringing my notebook with me, just in case. :)


Garrus slid the newly polished scope back along the Viper's stock, hearing the satisfying click as it locked into place. He didn't look up from his work as the intercom beeped.

"Yeah, Garrus?" Joker. "Um... just got a high-priority message from C-Sec. Seems they'd like us to retrieve the Commander from Purgatory." Even over the speaker, it was easy to detect a laugh in the pilot's voice. "Something about her not being able to find her land legs."

Garrus straightened from the work table. They were still docked at the Citadel and Shepard had yet to return to the ship following the scene with Udina and Lt. Bastard Kai Leng. He was pretty sure that Vega was currently on the station, but they all had orders to give each other space, and it wasn't surprising that an addled Shepard would ask for him before anyone else. "I'm on it," he said, moving through Normandy's main battery door.

He sighed heavily as he rode the lift up to the CIC. Humor warred with pity inside him as he considered the situation that awaited him. Shepard was tough. She'd get through this, just like everything else.

A few short minutes later he'd arrived at the bar, the doors opening with a hiss as a synthesized voice announced his destination. He moved past long lines of people, a veritable melting pot of potentials from every conceivable race and culture. Beneath the club's thumping bass and shouting patrons, he saw her, surrounded by four uncomfortable-looking men in C-Sec blue. Even through the dim lighting and clouds of smoke from various substances, the outraged expression on Shepard's face was obvious.

"You have any idea who you're messing with? I'm a COUNCIL SPECTRE. Bailey's my BRO. I'll have you all working TRAFFIC."

Garrus felt a grin pull at the corner of his mouth despite himself. "I'll take it from here, gentlemen."

He took her upper arm, helping her to steady herself, while still allowing her to retain her own balance. He led her away and she seemed willing enough to follow.

"This is so dumb," she said, blowing pieces of hair out of her face with a big puff of air. "Who the hell are they to cut me off? I'm still thirsty." She paused a moment to look over at him, waiting until they'd entered the elevator before she tried to speak further. "Thanks for coming for me," she said, not sounding half as tough anymore.

"You know me, Shepard. I didn't want to miss out on anything interesting." He let warmth color his voice as he looked at her moist eyes. "And besides, I'll always come for you."

She smiled wistfully, turning to face him. She laughed, a somewhat awkward exhalation of sound.

Garrus felt his chest tighten as her face fell.

Tears quickly streaked her cheeks and her small, perfectly aligned teeth sank into her lower lip. "He's really gone, isn't he?" she asked, sounding vulnerable in a way that made his heart ache.

"Yes," he said simply. What else could he say?

She was crying openly then, her shoulders slumping under her Alliance fatigues. "He was such an amazing person," she whispered.

He reacted then, needing to lend her some of his strength. Pulling her against his side reassuringly, he said, "I know."

Tags: fandom: mass effect, fic
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