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Mass Effect 3: 'Dream'

Title: Dream
Pairing: FemShep/Kaidan Alenko
Wordcount: 546
Rating: M
Summary: Spectre Kaidan kink following Shep's last hospital visit, when he's up and already accepted the position from Udina.
Warnings: Smut. Sensuality and sexual content.
A/N: For  lilchickadee , who wanted fluffy Shenko porn. I heart you, bb.
This is short and kind of vague and far less graphic than I usually get. But that's just how I've been writing lately. Inspiration for this is all on account of Sbarge's tweet about more voice work for ME3 that he posted on friday. This makes my brain very happy. Also, I was in my car on that same day, with said inspiration in my mind, when the song I put under 'music' came on. I think that was the last push I needed for this (yeah, crazy J writes in her car, wut?).

Shepard tossed in her sleep, traces of voices and faces pulling at her like a riptide in a black sea of confusion and fear.

Alone and adrift, she felt someone reaching for her, a warm hand soothing over her brow.

Slowly opening heavy eyelids, she saw Kaidan standing over her bunk, like she'd last seen him, intense, healthy and whole, vital.

Before she could say anything, he set a knee on the bed, climbing in beside her.

The desire to speak slipped away as his arms came around her, his body settling over hers as their lips met in a fiery kiss.

His weight was wonderful, pushing her down as he overwhelmed her senses with his taste and smell.

His mouth fed on her, coaxing a response that had been waiting for far too long.

She clutched at hand fulls of his hair, hearing him whisper, "Shepard" as his hands traveled down her sides, over her hipbones, then back up her ribcage.

She shuddered as he roughly squeezed her breasts through her top. Her body reminded her that it had been well over two years. She felt an ache in her belly as he fingered the zipper on her N7 hoodie.

He freed her from it, his teeth scraping down the right side of her neck.

They both rushed to bare her flesh, discarding the clothes she'd fallen asleep in until she pressed naked against his clothed form.

His mouth recaptured hers, tongue sinking deep as they strained together.

She was so ready, and all he'd done so far was kiss her. Pushing her hands under his t-shirt, she felt the heat of him, hard shifting muscles and fascinating skin. She tugged roughly at his garments until he understood her need to feel him against her. Working together, his clothing melted away.

She wanted to take it slow, to savor him, as she had in countless daydreams, but he wouldn't be denied. He crushed her bare breasts to his chest as he entered her swiftly, his breath catching on a deliciously masculine moan. His huffing breaths came out sounding pain-filled, grunts that stirred something primitive and sharp within her.

She longed to look into his eyes, to drown in his dark depths, but he refused to release her mouth. He held her so tight, like he was afraid to let her go.

Sensations built upon each other as he swept her up in his rhythm, his urgency feeding hers until she felt frantic with it.

Clutching at his shoulders, she felt her thighs tense and her belly quiver as the universe exploded, bright lights overcoming all awareness.

Love and hope overpowered everything else as, at that moment, she realized that she held everything she'd ever wanted.

The comm on her desk beeped, indicating a new incoming message. As Shepard struggled to shrug off the arms of sleep, awareness flooded her senses. She'd had another one of those dreams. But what had followed after was something she desperately needed, something beautiful to look forward to.

Tags: fandom: mass effect, fic, smut!fic
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