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Tuesday prompt fest over @ dragon_age 06.28.11

Just three this time. Uninspired J is feeling uninspired.
3 Drabbles, all about 100 words each. Retro: just 'Awakening' & 'Origins' stuff this week.
Characters/Pairings: f!Cousland/Alistair, f!Warden & Nathaniel, f!Surana & Morrigan
Rating: G

Pairing: f!Cousland/Alistair
Words: 119
Rating: G

It's summer time, and she feels a bit like there are pregnant women everywhere she looks. In the kitchens. Wandering the Vigil at all hours. At the market.

She tells herself it's a good thing she isn't heavy with child. How could she fight with a swollen belly in the way? She couldn't. She'd be forced to take it easy, stay safe. And she had a duty. She was needed here.

But what of her duty to her husband, her King? Regret swims through her, just as the taint does in her veins, and she feels sick with the knowledge that maybe he'd been right. He should have been with somebody who could give him what she never can.

Dear God in Heaven, Rookie. If I turn around, and you are not inside the base...I, I can't be held responsible for what i'm going to do to you.
Characters: f!Warden & Nathaniel
Words: 146
Rating: G

Footsteps sounded in her doorway for the umpteenth time that evening. No, I don't need to be tucked in. No, I don't need a sexy bedtime story. Wrenching the covers back in agitation, she spoke over her shoulder. "You know what? Let's see what you've got. You want some of me? Come get some, big guy. Come over here and rip off my clothes if you've got the guts."

She was no better. Her bluff was simply out there to call his bluff, throwing the gauntlet in the name of stopping his ceaseless flirting and talk of casual sex. She was tired of it. Turning, the Warden Commander continued, "It's all talk with you isn't it..."

But it wasn't Anders standing in her doorway this time. It was Nathaniel.

She was going to die of mortification. DIE.

"Um... I-I thought you were someone else?" she stuttered.

Also I wouldn't really call us friends. More like acquaintances or people who work with other people they hate.
Characters: f!Surana & Morrigan
Words: 91
Rating: G

Neria strolled into camp that evening, her mabari jumping excitedly alongside her as she met Morrigan at the fire.

"Ah. And now I see why you sent me along ahead of you. You made some new friends. A redheaded Chantry-type, and who's the tall one? Dare I hope either of them is any more intelligent than the one we started with?" Her eyes strayed purposely to Alistair who fumbled with a pot close by.

Neria heard Sten grumble and answered with a grin. "Aren't they ever-so wonderful? Shall we keep them?"

Tags: fandom: dragon age, fic, promptfest
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